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We’re now more than the Real Deal! We’re Real Deal G2 Seeds!

You’ve come to know Real Deal Mineral TM for our deer mineral supplements. We’ve recently expanded our offering to include food plot management products—G2 Seeds—to provide hunters with a full range of deer attractants. We have spent years developing our Real Deal Mineral formula which the deer devour, resulting in a substantial increase in antler growth. Does, fawns and bucks will consume it all, improving the overall health of the deer herd and dramatically increasing survival rates! Other mineral supplements on the market might offer growth but they are ineffective if the deer population is unreceptive to the product.

The ultimate goal of Real Deal Mineral TM supplement is to aid in antler size but most importantly improve overall health of the deer herd by introducing minerals and trace elements that may be lacking. The deer’s instinctual need for these types of minerals on a daily basis can be a significant factor for enhancing antler production. A lactating doe’s milk contains high concentrations of calcium and phosphorus to pass on to their young. This causes a significant mineral drain on the doe. Real Deal Mineral TM replaces this loss naturally and safely.

G2 Seeds give you, as the landowner/hunter, the tools that provide additional nutritional benefits. Planting G2 food plots will increase the optimization of your whitetail’s health. The importance of providing G2 nutritional products will increase fawn conception rates and doe lactation ability, while maximizing “Antler” growth.

Give Real Deal G2 Seeds a try and we guarantee that you will be amazed with the results.

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