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Real Deal Mineral TM is designed to specifically enhance the overall health and strength of the deer herd from fawns to mature bucks. All deer will benefit from Real Deal MineralTM especially during gestation and lactation.

We don’t use the term mineral lick, this is mineral eating. Deer will eat this mineral till it’s GONE. A good long–term goal should be to provide as much mineral as the deer will consume with the lowest concentration of salt. Real Deal Mineral® has less than 7% salt. Research indicates deer supplemented with calcium, phosphorus, trace minerals and vitamins are healthier and have substantially larger antlers.

We have spent years developing our formula which the deer devour, resulting in a substantial increase in antler growth. Does, fawns, and bucks will consume it all, improving the overall health of your deer herd and dramatically increasing survival rates! Other mineral supplements on the market might offer growth, but they are ineffective if the deer population is unreceptive to the product. Give Real Deal Mineral a try and we guarantee that you will be amazed with the results. Deer will devour it all year long. 

Real Deal Mineral
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