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Real Deal G2 Clover Blend 4lb – ½ Acre

A Perennial Protein Food Plot delivering a HIGH source of nutrients and protein for the whitetails and other wildlife. Real Deal G2 Clover is a blend of 5 different Clovers, Crimson, Red, Alsike, Ladino and Berseem. With the Real Deal G2 Blend of the Perennials this plot will adapt to a wide variety of soils and climates throughout the US. The Real Deal G2 Clover Plot will provide a source of large leaf and root vegetation from early spring to into the fall hunting season.


The entire Real Deal G2 food plot blends consist of only the best seed varieties meant for deer and other wild game. With the highest germination rates and seed purities possible and no fillers, minimal seed coating, or additional weed seed, you can feel confident that you are planting only the best seed on the market. The results will speak for themselves and by following the specific steps to planting and maintaining your food plot.



  • Always conduct a soil test (Ideal PH 6.5 -7.5)
  • Spray undesired vegetation 10 -14 days prior to planting
  • Add lime and fertilizer per your soil test recommendations (Do not skip this step)
  • Prepare a good seed bed by loosening the top soil and dragging the soil back to level
  • Drill or Broadcast your Real Deal G2 Clover Blend seed evenly throughout the plot
  • Ensure good seed to soil contact by dragging or rolling the plot setting the seed to an optimal seed depth of 1/8” to ¼”



  • Northern States – Spring Planting April – June Soil Temp min 55 degrees
  • Fall Planting August – September (minimum of 45 days prior to 1st frost)
  • Southern State – Spring Planting Feb – April Soil Temp min 55 degrees
  • Fall Planting September – November (minimum of 45 days prior to 1st frost)



(These are adequate seed rates. Over seeding may cause undesirable results)
4lbs of Real Deal G2 Clover up to ½ acre

Real Deal G2 Clover Blend 4lb – ½ Acre

SKU: G2CL004
  • Weight

    4 lbs.

  • Dimensions

    8 × 8 × 4 in

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